What it takes to be the lowest ride at VDUB Campfest 2K19

Measured at a height of 1.18m this rides scrapes everywhere it goes.

What do you do if have a VW Beetle pan that you use as a “go-kart” at car shows and a VW Golf MK1 chassis that is rusted beyond repair? Well If your name is Keamogetsoe JB Mathibedi, you come up with the crazy plan to build a one of a kind, custom Aircooled MK1 bodydrop. The thread below shows the huge amount of labour and customising JB and the Simply Fresh Customs team had to do.

If you don’t know what a “bodydrop” is by now….let’s school you.

The chassis is usually modified so that the car can go as low as possible while retaining the ability to drive at that lowered height with minimal damage.

Jay built this car to inspire other car enthusiasts that the sky is the limit when you build your car, and based on the attention it got while we were hanging out with him, people love his build.

He is particularly proud of the fact the he managed to build this ride in his grandmothers backyard as he runs a custom shop called Simply Fresh Customs, where they do air suspensions installations along with other custom work.

He says that even when this car is gone one day, he will still have the memories of building this car. Judging by the way he looks at his car, he is in love with this passion project.

He has nicknamed his car “Harvey Dent” due to the fact that it has interchangeable faces, a VW Jetta MK1 face and a VW Golf MK1 face.

If you are familiar with comics you will know that Harvey Dent was a character who had half of his face burnt. JB refers to the Jetta 1 front as the burnt and evil face.

This is the first time that we have seen interchangeable faces on a car and JB has once again proven that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Nothing is impossible when you build your ride.

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