South Africa’s fastest Golf 7 hijacked in Johannesburg

10 second car recovered stripped in Lenasia South

News broke late yesterday afternoon via social media that MMK GP had been stolen. If you don’t know this car by now it’s a blue APR stage 3 Golf 7R that has been tearing up the drag scene across the country.

Due to the popularity of this car social media went into a frenzy over this post and started a rescue mission to help find the car.

Details around exactly what happened are unclear but the car was later recovered in Lenasia South stripped into pieces.

MMK was not only South Africa’s fastest Golf 7, Klaas represented his crew at quite a few car shows as well because the car was also kitted out with an air suspension setup that gave it that extra touch of class.

We saw MMK compete in the low limbo at the Jozi Rides car show at Nasrec and it was definitely one sexy ride.

The thieves who stole this car must have been plain dumb, if this guy invested so much money into a Golf 7R engine, then obviously he must have beefed up security measures on the car.

We sincerely hope that the hijackers get convicted and that justice is served, this is something that we are seeing happen way too much in the stance scene and South Africa in general.

Thankfully there is an MMK 2 roaming the streets and I am certain that Klaas will build an even faster car because what would a setback be without a comeback?

We for one are excited to see what happens next, will MMK be rebuilt or can we expect something new?


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