Know your Spinner: Ziko Nembambula

Be in the know and know your spinner with Umgusha movement

Another beautiful Thursday as we feature a phenomenon in the spinning fraternity. Yes, its Know Your Spinner time as we pull punches with #ZIKO

1. What is the inspiration to keep going in spinning?

“Well its the passion, once it is in your blood you can not stop, another thing is friendship and family amongst the spinning game, your counterparts and even the spectators. We are one big family”.

2. What is the one advice you would give to a spinner or a spin team who would like to venture out and do weekend shows outside their regions (outside their province)?

“Its not easy at all, If you really want to do it you need the financial backing to go and gate crush shows until people are forced to recognize you.”

3. The most memorable spin event you have been to (any significant memory)? If it were possible would you rewind and revisit that day?

“Mahem Battle of the Nations 2018, there were a lot of spinners from far, We really had fun that day.”

4. When it is all said and done (Retirement) with spinning for Ziko , what would you be like to be remembered for?

“An Innovative spinner, coming up with new tricks and spin techniques. I strived to always do something new and fresh after I do it, it is ok for other people to improve and master it, I really enjoy that.”

5. Would you open a spin academy if you had the opportunity?

“I wish I could, I have taught a lot of people how to spin and I am still continuing to do so. It is so much easier when you have someone teaching you because we have been in the game for a long time, we know what to do and what not to do! #Passion! Also the game must continue.”

6. Its event day, what is the normal routine when you start doing when preparing for a spin show?

“Excitement! Excitement! I load up all my rims, wash my car, no matter how bad it looks 😂, I make sure I have got 2 tyres ready on the car so that I do not waste anytime when I get to the event – once I am there it is show time.”

Know Your Spinner is a Q&A that aims to give you the spinning lover quick fire answers about a spinner that you did not know.

Be in the know and know your spinner! You can check out more content of know your spinner here.

Compiled by Lebohang Moeng – Umgusha Movement founder & MC

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