One of South Africa’s strongest BMW M20 engine builds

Eric Maswaya from Johannesburg spins this BMW E30 M20 powered car which runs 50% ethanol and 50% 95 unleaded.

If you are a fan of the BMW E30 M20 engine and you attend spin events in and around Johannesburg you should know Eric Maswaya, the owner and mechanic of one of the strongest M20 spin cars in South Africa.

This ride is known as MKB which comes from the first three letters of it’s number plate and that fans often use to distinguish who the BMW E30 belongs to.

Eric Maswaya, owner of MKB.

Eric Maswaya has built this M20 to 2.9 and it is running 50% ethanol and 50% 95 pump fuel to give it that little bit of extra power.

This build managed 227bhp and 314nm torque on the dyno when it was tuned at Autospot, Maswaya’s trusted dyno centre.

MKB’s dyno reading at AutoSpot dyno tuning centre.

Maswaya doesn’t only build engines for himself, he also builds these types of powerful BMW M20 engines for customers.

Who wants a E30 that makes as much power as MKB, as demonstrated in some of the videos where we have featured this tyre shredder?

If you are interested in building an E30 with an original M20 motor that makes reliable power you can contact EBR & Maswaya Autoworks on 061 415 1409 or 084 555 8187.

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