Round 1 of Fastest in the Land 2019 saturated by eventful weekend

Although turnout was not good some key races still managed to thrill the crowd

Despite facing numerous challenges on the day, Race SA managed to host a successful event at ODI Raceway on the outskirts of Pretoria. Contestants were timed over the 800m & 1km marks for bragging rights.

Although the turnout on the day was not good because it was hosted on the same weekend as the VDUB Campfest, as well as a number of other race events, Race SA managed to have 25 cars on the field.

Ernest Roberts had the fastest run of the day in his NXGEN GTR 35 (Grey) with a time of 16.370 seconds at a speed of 354.15 km/h.

Race SA Fastest in the Land times

Although some spectators were not happy with the event turnout Race SA has promised to come back bigger and better than before.

Response via Race SA Facebook page

Despite the complaints we managed to put together a video with our favourite races of the day.

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