Legendary spinner Jeff James promises adrenaline filled Birthday Spin bash

8th edition of the spinning event returns to it's roots in Soweto

Last year we attended the launch of The Jeff James spin hub in Soweto, at GOG Gardens Protea and we are excited with the development of spinning in Johannesburg, more legal venues are opening across the province and country it proves that spinning is the fastest growing motorsport in South Africa.

We have also attended the event for the last two years and we can assure you that this event is always action packed, and worth every cent.

The well renowned adrenaline fanatic will be turning 47 and the only way he knows how to is revving engines, releasing smoke and pulling stunts on his classic BMW Gusheshe 325!

“I am thrilled to host the 8th edition at GOG Gardens for the FIRST time! Negative will be turned into positive and the only way to do that is playing it safe at all costs for my guests who will attending with their kids and family” Jeff reiterates. He further expresses his excitement towards his recently launched arena in Soweto which is identified as the home of the car spinning sport.

Fans will expect enough seating space, food & drinks stalls, toy shops for kids, cool branded clothing items and swimming pools. Security will be buffed up as much as possible with cameras everywhere.

The line-up consists of well-known young spinners and ‘izinja ze game’ (legends) such as Magesh, Lentja, Austin, Magiya, King Ghetto, Team Siya from Bloem, King Katra, Sam-Sam, Mellas, Rio, Msotho, Team BGB, Choko & Zakes Big Boss, Blanka & Rex, Millies, Wicked Wade, Maera, Spiderman, Mandla Spikiri, Poroza 535, Bab’ Domingo, Wothi Malume and many more.

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