Five automotive TV shows you can stream on Netflix

If you have petrol flowing in your veins here is a list of our favourite car shows to stream

Whether you are a petrolhead and you honestly enjoy watching car related content on television or whether you are tired of watching chick flix with your partner, we have compiled a list of our five favourite car related TV shows on the popular streaming service, Netflix.

1. Hyperdrive

Picture: Netflix

Produced by South African actress Charlize Theron, this enthralling series features some of the worlds best drivers who take on a new obstacle course in each episode to win the title of Hyperdrive champion.

Stacey Lee May. Picture: Netflix

In it’s debut season, Stacey Lee May, a well known spinner and law student from Eldorado Park, South Africa competes amongst some of the world’s most talented drivers.

2. Rust Valley Restorers

Tucked away in the Rocky mountains of Canada, there is a valley with a community of car collectors and enthusiasts who make a living off running junkyards.

The Rust Bros run a little shop which is owned by an extremely chilled, dread lock wearing father – Mike, and his son who can never see eye to eye with his father – Connor.

Mike, Connor and Avery from left to right

Avery is Mike’s sidekick and often keeps making Mike from making over eccentric business decisions. He has a big range of skills and often helps around with everything in the shop.

They have a small team of very talented individuals who make some of the most unique modifications on the junk yard treasures that Mike has hoarded over the years, and Mike ultimately always ends up getting his way with the builds.

3. Car Masters: Rust to Riches

In this show Gotham Garage intends on trading up cars by adding their own twist on modifications, ultimately their goal is to trade up to a vehicle that can become a showstopper.

Michael Caveman Pyle, Shawn Pilot, Constance Nunes, Mark Towle and Tony Quinones at an event.

The team may not always agree on the bosses choice of cars but they always manage to pull off some top notch workmanship and one the of the most surprising parts is that the resident mechanic is a women named Constance.

Constance Nunes

The range of vehicles they work on in this shop is amazing, the Gotham Garage team does not back down from any challenge that is put in front of them.

4. Fastest Car

The best way to describe this show would be the ultimate drag showdown. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what car you drive, this show can humble the even the most decorated racers.

If speed is your thing, this show will get your adrenaline pumping at some of the most unbelievable moments among the racers.

5. West Coast Customs

Ryan Friedlinghaus.

If you don’t know West Coast Customs from the Pimp My Ride show presented by Xzibit on MTV, then you might be a bit too young for this one but this show is where a lot of us saw that there were no limitations to what can be done on car.

Ryan Friedlinghaus, the owner of the  shop has been running this business for years and he has done hundreds of car restorations, he has even had the opportunity to work with big supermarkets in the U.S to advise and help them to enter the after market car products segment.

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