One of a kind “Westmoreland” VW Golf Jumbo

Rare left hand drive imported from Europe

We have attended a lot of car shows over the past year and one Volkswagen Golf MK2 always stood out in particular. Michael Thompson and his wife co own this rare left-hand drive Golf MK2 GTI which they have owned for a number of years now.

This car is the European spec and was originally imported to South Africa from France. Thompson decided to upgrade the front end of the car to the Westmoreland front end which has the rectangular headlights.

European spec VW Golf GTI. Pictures: Shaun Holland

For those of you who haven’t heard of a “Westy” before its refers to Volkswagen Westmoreland Assembly which was a manufacturing complex 56 km south of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, near New Stanton — and they manufactured 1.15 million Volkswagens at the factory from 1978 until 1987.

European spec VW Golf GTI.

The three piece wheels were narrowed all around so that the wheels could tuck into the arches, this paired with a set of FK streetline coilovers to give it that ultimate static stance.

The car originally was originally 1.8 carburetor but they chose to opt for a 2.0 fuel injection motor, this was one of the many modifications that they have done on the car.

Thompson is currently happy with the way their MK2 looks and doesn’t plan on making any more changes on the car, unless of course he gets the opportunity to do another engine swap.

Michael doesn’t drive the car as much as he would like to. The car currently parks off in the garage when they are not going to car shows.

Thompson says that they never enter any car shows, they just go to park off and network with friends.

If you are building cars to please other people and win trophies then you are in it for the wrong reason.

He often goes to shows with his wife and his son and they enjoy it as a family. Michael’s brother, Matthew Thompson also shares the same passion for cars.

You may remember that Matthew’s car is also a rare left-hand drive VW MK1 with a VR6 engine.

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