How #YARREDIMITRI became a national meme

Ernest Page's quest to find the car and the voice behind the hilarious video

On a quiet evening in Cape Town, two friends went for a test drive in Dimitri’s newly built Golf MK1 and what was meant to be a fun drive ended up being the same night they crashed the turbo MK1.

Dimitri’s Golf MK1 after he crashed it. Pictures: Facebook

One may think that tragedy made them famous but it ended up that the unconventional commentary from Dimitri’s passenger and close friend Cheslin is what makes this video so hilarious, the video has since gone viral.

Obviously social media had a field day and started to make various memes which prompted Performance with Page to find the car and the voice behind the video.

According to Cheslin when he says “quickfast” he is referring to the boost that the Golf MK1 is making.

Since the video has gone viral there have been a number of videos made mocking the bizarre incident.

One of our favourite memes is when the audio is edited onto one of the iconic Fast n Furious scenes.

Thankfully nobody was injured in the accident and Dimitri has since gone on a trip to America, leaving his car in the capable hands of his brother and his friend Cheslin who has always been known for making sound effects to express his feelings since he was a young boy.

Let’s hope they are more careful when test driving and we don’t end up with another “the brakes failed my bru” situation. Let’s top the entire story off with this song that someone remixed using the sound effects from the accident.

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