Retro Toyota Corona Mark II

Rahiman is an old school man with old school taste

We met up Riyaad “Ridso” Rahiman form the West of Johannesburg to feature his 1974 Toyota Corona Mark II. This car had been on our radar since we shot a video of his crew The Devious Knights.

Twelve months later and we decided it’s time for South Africa to meet Lola. What makes Lola so special is the fact that although the car has an aftermarket 14 inch Enkei rep and and a lowered suspension, the car is still stock,

Ridso explains to us that when he got Lola he did not like the 70’s two-tone look that she had but he still purchased her with the intention of painting the car. When it came to choosing a colour he decided to go for the original yellow that the Corona came out in.

He also moved the mirrors from the side of the doors to the fender so he could give Lola the retro Japanese look he was going for.

From the moment Ridso pulls up with Lola and you hear the old school disco vibe from Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday night, you realize that he loves all things old school, from cars, to music.

Thank goodness he has a retro classic style though, because he is keeping this car as original as possible. If you were to give this car to a millennial I could guarantee they would change every original aspect of this car, not Ridso though, he made very subtle changes.

In the future he has plan redo the interior but other than that Ridso likes Lola as she is.

Ridso belongs to a car crew called The Devious Knights and if you see him at car shows he invites you to come say hello and have a closer look at Lola.

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