Ken Block opens his own ‘spin pitch’ in California

The Hoonigan's dubbed it 'the Burnyard' at Irwindale speedway

Ken Block and his team of Hoonigans have been given a vacant area at the Irwindale speedway in California and they have chosen to make it the home of their very own ‘Burnyard’.

They have already hosted two hugely popular events at the Burnyard which has close similarities to the South African motorsport we refer to as spinning.

If you follow the Hoonigan’s on YouTube then you would know that the ‘Burnyard’ is also the new home of the Hoonigan’s daily web series, called Daily Transmission, where they invite car enthusiasts to show off their rides upgrades and thereafter they throw down some serious rubber.

After the first successful show they started making improvements to the pitch, not only to make the experience more challenging for the drivers, but also to give the crowd more entertainment.

Ken Block has previously worked with popular local spinners such as Ricardo Carls (Mr Carls) and Dawood David (Bokkie) at the Top Gear festival also known as the Clarkson, Hammond & May show.

This is where he worked together with a range of local motorsport enthusiasts to create a world class choreographed motor show. During Ken Block’s visit he was a guest at the Wheelz n Smoke arena in the south of Johannesburg where he was exposed to the South African sub culture and now they have decided to introduce it to the American market.

It would be interesting to see the Hoonigan crew invite some South African spinners to the ‘Burnyard’ so we can show the American’s exactly how ‘burnouts’ should be done.

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