Who is Umgusha movement?

Umgusha is derived from the word ‘Gusheshe’ BMW E30 Evo edition

Umgusha is derived from the word ‘Gusheshe’ BMW e30 evo edition hence thus the name Umgusha Movement.

BMW 325is.

The mission is to update everyone who loves motorsport across RSA, with features like weekly event gig guide, know your spinner/racer/stuntman, live event broadcasts and event promotion, primarily on social media.

We have more recently entered the event MC arena.

Umgusha Movement founder and MC, Lebohang Moeng.

Our dream is self-funded although there are costs involved such as data for posts on social media and flyers for know your spinner/stuntman.

Umgusha Movement’s vision is to be a well-established online motorsport magazine

Event Promotion

In 2019 we entered the event promotion space with the Soweto Spinfest which was held on June 16, 2019.

Umgusha Movement, your weekend plug.

This is focused on building an events’ image and the reputation of the event organiser.

After seeing the reaction on social media I saw a window of opportunity since then we have done several events.

Some have been good and some have been average but this has helped build the brand ‘Umgusha Movement’.

First Umgusha Movement logo in 2019.

Second and official logo which was released in 2020.

Know Your Spinner/Stuntman

Know Your Spinner is a Q&A that aims to give the spinning lovers quick fire answers about a spinner/racer that they did not know.

Q&As are normally published on every Thursday on the our facebook page

Here is one of the features we did with a lady car spinner from Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth.
Know Your Spinner it with Merushka Aroonslam also known as ‘Meru Spinning’

Know your spinner poster.
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