Know your Spinner: Meruska Aroonslam

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1. Where did it all start with regards to joining car spinning for Meru Spinning?

“I loved spinning from a young age and the only spinner I knew my whole childhood was the legend Eddie Rasta.

He was just everything! But to be honest as a young girl I never saw myself as a spinner one day but as time went

along I became friends with spinners and one day I just had this wild idea I threw at my dad, for my 16th birthday

I want a spin car and my parents being the best u could find found ways to make that possible for me and I

jumped right in and fell In love with the sport more and more each time.”

“Shaukat (Mr wheels) taught me and it was not easy I cried, I got frustrated but it was all worth it and I still say I am a learner driver.”

2. a) The event Spinderella recognises women in spinning. How excited do you get when the date is announced for this event?

“Spinderella is the best the thing that could have ever have not for females in spinning.

Spinderella is an event that gives females of all ages and races to be themselves and show the world their unique skills and passion for the sport we love.

Hearing the date for a Spinderella event is a whole bunch of emotions but mostly a whole lot of excitement, it is a day we count down to a day we look forward to.”

b) And also how big do you see the event growing?

“This event has so much potential to go to levels spinning has never seen! It’s not just an event it’s home for female spinners.”

3. What goes through your mind as you enter the pitch? How are your nerves?

“I am super nervous I literally have my left leg shaking uncontrollably but I always pray first before going in, the man above is my strength and calmness.”

4. As a female spinner was it quick for you to grasp the mechanics of your spin car? (i.e. always checking oil filter, changing plugs etc).

“My dad has always been hands on with my car between myself my dad and my brother, we enjoyed working on the car as it was a time for us to bond and to spend time together.

I had to learn to do everything but I’m quite lucky to be able to have this vast knowledge on cars as it’s beneficial not only on the pitch but day to day.”

5. How important is it to secure or have a sponsorship as an athlete especially in the spinning environment?

“Sponsorships are a great help, they assist when you travel and with basically anything you may need in the sport to assist you, may it be a make over for your car, a type of discount on parts, money, Tyres or Tyre change overs etc..

All based on the agreement you have between yourselves in the aim to assist in advertising their business.

I am truly greatful to my sponsors and I would actually like to thank them for believing in Me and supporting me all the way.

Bronscor(PE), Nates Car Sales(EL), CMH Fire Services (Cpt), Mr Wheels Tyre & Towing Services(PE), Nisma Performance(Pe), Dynamic Brake & Clutch (PE), Ishanz auto parts (Pretoria).

“Thank you to each and every business/company mentioned above that has decided to assist me in enjoying my passion and helping me to create and maintain my car and all other expenses incurred for the love of the sport/ game as we mostly say.”


Be in the know and know your spinner! You can check out more content of know your spinner here.

Compiled by Lebohang Moeng – Umgusha Movement founder & MC

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