Know your Stuntman: Spiderman

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Diepkloof! Ekse Soweto ✊🏾! Its your very own Spiderman! Bafana Khumalo.

How does it feel to be adored by young children, more specially who usually request to take pictures with you?

“Its an awesome feeling honestly, these young ones bring about some positive energy and they puts me on the sport light. They are my cheer leaders”.

When you decide to jump off a spinning car then back on again whilst it is still in motion , do you communicate with the driver or you just do your own thing?

“Yes! It is essential to communicate with the spinning car driver. In a way I am the car system controller”.

Would you say you have a signature stunt move? If yes, which one is it?

“Absolutely! I am the “FLIPMASTER”, whereby I perform a backflip ontop of the car while it’s in motion (spinning)”.

In your own opinion does it help being under the influence (of alcohol) when performing these stunts?

“As a role model I would not advise anyone to be intoxicated prior to performing these stunts. It is dangerous and you need to pay careful attention to every move to avoid injuries”.

Which event still has you saying the words “I amazed the crowd that day and I enjoyed myself as well”.

“Honestly this is a difficult one, I could think of Botswana, Durban, Soweto – let’s just say I have had my fun and I have left crowds amazed at times”.
Know Your Spinner is a Q&A that aims to give you the spinning lover quick fire answers about a spinner that you did not know.

Be in the know and know your spinner! You can check out more content of know your spinner here.

Compiled by Lebohang Moeng – Umgusha Movement founder & MC

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