Who is Kaylin Oliphant?

Thrillseeker productions brings us an informative mini documentary about the female spinner from Kimberley

Kaylin Oliphant is a female spinner from Kimberley.

Picture: Inspired snaps

She is the daughter of Jerome and Antonette Oliphant.

Jerome, Kaylin’s father loves spinning and he supports Kaylin’s passion.

Delano Frederick’s also known as Via O Lano mentored Kayla.

Kaylin likes doing stunts because of the adrenaline rush she gets.

Spinner Kayla hangs from her spinning BMW at the Vaal Spinfest at Kwa Masiza Stadium in Sebokeng at the weekend. The event drew 63 participants and 16 000 fans. Popular spinners Austin, Samsam, Skopas and Vaatjie also entertained the crowd . Picture: Michel Bega

“It might seem dangerous, but if you believe in yourself it’s not”.

Kaylin made the front page of The Citizen newspaper with her daring suicide slide.





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