Carnage on the N3 this morning

Truck loses control and veers over embankment into oncoming traffic [Pics + Video]

KwaZulu-Natal – At approx 10:30 on Thursday morning Netcare 911 along with multiple other emergency services responded to a collision on the N3 Eastbound just before the Marionhill Toll Plaza in the Durban West Region.

And the carnage they found is really hectic see below, as the narrator states himself. Nobody enjoys driving when we have to contend with potholes, absent minded truck drivers and callous taxi drivers.

Skidmarks believes that the driver of the truck lost control while traveling downhill then slammed into several cars before the truck went over an embankment and onto oncoming traffic.

First responders found that multiple people had sustained injuries ranging from minor to severe with occupants of vehicles still trapped inside.

One person has unfortunately been declared deceased following paramedics doing everything they can. All the injured have been treated on scene and have been transported to the hospital for further treatment.

See the video below, but be warned, NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS:

This video is not meant to scar you, but raise awareness once again for the oncoming silly season. Skidmarks urges everybody to never drink and drive, rather use uber or bolt. And to keep all the racing to the track.

Skidmarks knows that everybody is getting into the festive spirit and will be travelling to all parts of our beautiful country.

Especially since this year has been a really strange one with a pandemic and events, plans cancelled. We are all excited to bring on 2021 but please, to everybody travelling be extra careful on our roads.

    • ER24 & Lyle Kruger
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