Who is Bad Company?

Thrillseeker productions brings us an informative mini documentary about the V8 stunt crew

Badcompany is a stunt crew from Johannesburg.

Stunt crew Badcompany in action in Swaziland. Picture: Du Pont photography

The crew is piloted by Bradleigh “Skopas” McGregor who drives a BMW E30.

Bradleigh “Skopas” McGregor at the Redbull Shay iMoto events. Picture: Redbull Pool

Now this is not just any E30…it’s a V8 that goes by the name of Popeye.

Badcompany initially started out with three stuntmen.

Anele Mbuqe is the roof surfer with the long dreadlocks.

You often see him standing out the sunroof of Popeye as if he were on a surf board.

Riaaz “Rizzo” Davies is often tucked away in the back seat but when the throttle lock goes on he jumps to life.

Rizzo often performs co-pilot function as well so that the stunts can be performed accurately and safely.

Mckeenan “Troubles” du Plessis is the final team member.

Mckeenan takes a selfie on the side of the road with the crew in the background.

In recent years Mckeenan has built his own car.

Now we see Mckeenan on the pitch as a spinner and no longer as a stuntman.

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