The Resurrection of a spinning legend who continues to make history

Magesh Ndaba's legendary M3 powered BMW E30 is looking cleaner then we have ever seen.

If you have been a fan of spinning for since the early 2000’s there is one name synonymous with spinning.

Magesh Ndaba, a spinner from the East of Johannesburg.

Magesh Ndaba.

For two decades now Ndaba has used a silver BMW E30 with the registration number RSD 700 GP.

Much like Magesh this car has become a legend within the spinning fraternity.

Because RSD is powered by a BMW E36 M3 engine it is hard to miss the unmistakable roar that the throttle bodies make, and lets not forget the power and plumes of smoke this E30 makes.

In a recent social media post Ndaba posted pics of what looks like a newly restored car.

At first we could not believe that this is RSD 700 GP, we have never seen this car looking so good.

We can see that the car has definitely been repainted and it is also sporting a set of Alpina wheels.


It is also nice to see this car with bumpers on, usually spinners remove the bumpers to prevent damaging them.

RSD has also got a boot spoiler, fog lights and front bumper spoiler with diffusers.


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Ndaba captioned the post – “My name is RSD 700 GP I’m just an old bm kicking ass…///M Powered by Samson’s Power!!!”💪🏾

“A Legend who continues to make history as I live ON!!!! I’m RSD700GP THE RESURRECTION!”

New footage has surfaced on social media of Magesh spinning RSD 700 GP in Kwa Thema, his hometown.

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