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THE HUMBLE OPINION: Should the way car shows are judged be changed?

This week the humble opinion speaks car shows and the direction they could go in the future.

Skidmarks has debated starting this column for long enough, welcome you to our first weekly instalment of The Humble Opinion.

We have recruited the skills of car enthusiast Ziyaad Landis to write his humble opinion.

You need to abide by the rules but everyone needs to be happy.

Today I am looking at the recent events of BMW VS VW 2020.

One contestant took to social media, to make his opinion public around the judges decision on the day.

This issue really isn’t something new in the scene but it seems to be going to a whole new level.

Through the use of social media platforms, fans always have a fat lot to say about show after it happens.

We had a chat with Dawood Hoosein, from Southside crew to get his opinion.

Dawood has been hosting events for 21 years now.

He said “When issues like these come up, I look for ways to make people happy, even though I know I can’t make everyone happy.”

“In a show and shine event, you get judged on different criteria based on what you enter.”

“There are small parts of the criteria that

you need to abide to for every

aspect of a show.”

“There are small parts of the criteria that you need to abide to for every aspect of a show.”

“Unfortunately people need to learn to stop griping about everything and enjoy the event.”

“Don’t enter your car because you want to win, enter your car to enjoy the vibe.”

“The judges look at the attention to detail in every aspect of your car.

They also look at every flaw in the build so even the simple things like how you align your bolts, make a huge difference.”

He continued to speak a out his vision for the future of these kinds of events, stating cryptically, “I’m coming up with a new way to judge the builds at my next event in March 2021.”

Mentioning simply that he wants to put it in the hands of spectators.

Picture: MOB culture
We need to remember why we attend these show in the first place

“An event is supposed to be an environment of enjoyment of the beautiful cars, beautiful people, beautiful weather and beautiful food.

The joy I get is from the vibe and the joy of motorsports and I want to bring back the joy, I want to bring shows back to that, with less drama and negativity in future” Hoosein said in closing.

There will always be drama queens on the Monday after a show complaining that they hadn’t won.

We spoke to Kan prior to the event and he said although it is his judging panel, he does not get involved in the judging process.

“I don’t know who the winners are until their name gets called at the prize giving” said Kan

Kan said in a post after the event; “the comradery present at the event was evident.”

It was one of the first events since lockdown where fans who love stance could come together and enjoy the vibes.

Well done to the guys from JHB Parties and we look forward to seeing more from you guys in future.

To wrap up, we all attend these events, build these cars and support each other because of a mutual passion for motorsports, including stance or show and shine.

Yes I can understand the gripe of an E92 winning an E90 class.

But let’s be real, E90 and E92 are basically the same platform which is why it was judged as such.

I think transparency and communication between contestants and judges would ideally prevent these rants in future.

You can look for answers and clarity after the show but there is no need take it to social media if you feel excluded.

Inclusion is what makes this scene one of the best in the world and why guys like Boeti Budler are setting world record drag times in the USA.

We just need to live and learn from this so that we can go back to the good ol’ days with less drama, in my humble opinion.

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