Is this the King of SUV’s?

An SUV that exudes class from every angle

Pretoria – Mercedes-Benz’s largest and most luxurious SUV to date has landed in South Africa, offering more space, more comfort and more luxury than ever before.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLS is even larger than its predecessor, with a 60 mm longer wheelbase that provides increased interior spaciousness, and combines striking looks with outstanding comfort, agile handling and a high degree of off-road capability.

Johannes Fritz, Co-CEO for Mercedes-Benz South Africa and Executive Director for Mercedes-Benz Cars South Africa says “The new GLS is the S-Class of premium SUVs. It embodies luxury, confidence and intelligence like no other vehicle. ”

Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, smaragdgrün
Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, emerald green

“The GLS combines modern luxury with the character of an off-roader,” says Selvin Govender, Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz Cars South Africa.

“It combines powerful highlights of off-road design & capability with an elegance reminiscent of a classic luxury sedan.

The interior is a synthesis of modern, luxurious aesthetics, hallmark SUV practicality, and digital high-tech. It’s the best of all worlds.”

A new standard feature is the Carwash function, which moves the suspension to the highest position, folds in the exterior mirrors, closes the side windows and the sliding sunroof and switches the climate control to air-recirculation mode.

It deactivates automatically when the driver drives out of the carwash and accelerates to a speed above 20 km/h.

Exterior design: powerful presence

The front section of the new GLS exudes presence and power, with a striking appearance emphasised with an upright radiator grille and distinctive headlamp design.

The GLS cuts an imposing figure from the rear, too, with a powerful shoulder muscle extending from the rear doors to the tail lights, which enables the GLS to strike an imperious pose on the road.

Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, smaragdgrün
Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, emerald green


“The front section of
the new GLS
exudes presence
and power”





The excellent aerodynamics help to reduce fuel consumption and limit wind noise. The new GLS achieves cd figures as low as 0.32 – a clear improvement compared with its predecessor (cd 0.35) and an impressively low figure in the large luxury SUV segment.

Interior design: luxuriously elegant and powerfully progressive

One of the benefits of 60 mm more wheelbase is interior spaciousness, especially in the second row. The three fully electrically adjustable seat rows offer all passengers a generous amount of space and seating comfort.

The seats in the third row can be lowered into the floor to increase the boot space (up to 2400 litres), while the seats in the second row fold flat. The seats in the third row are fully fledged seats that are suitable for people up to 1.94 m tall.

Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, smaragdgrün, Leder Schwarz / macchiatobeige
Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, emerald green, black / macchiato beige leather

The interior combines the comfort of a Mercedes-Benz luxury sedan with the robustly progressive detailing of an SUV.

The central element in the dashboard’s design is an impressively sized screen unit embedded in a distinctive dashboard support.

The wide raised centre console creates a robust contrast with the free-floating appearance of the dashboard.

The centre console also offers a wireless-charging compartment for smartphones (Standard in the GLS 580) and standard additional USB ports.

Rear passengers are indulged further with the optional Rear Comfort Package plus which includes luxury head restraints with additional cushions and the rearward-extended centre console between the front seats with cup holders.

The MBUX is class leading and adds functionality to those long drives

The Rear Comfort package Plus also includes removable 7-inch Android tablet in its own docking station in the second row’s larger luxury centre armrest, coupled with wireless charging in the rear.

The tablet allows touch control of all the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) comfort and entertainment functions from the rear seat rows, such as access to radio, media, phone and web browser.

It can also be used to control the Rear Seat Comfort package and the five-zone automatic climate control for the rear seats.

Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, smaragdgrün, Leder Schwarz / macchiatobeige
Mercedes-Benz GLS, 2019, emerald green, black / macchiato beige leather

The optional MBUX Interior Assistant also allows intuitive operation of different comfort and MBUX functions by movement recognition.

When a hand approaches the touchscreen or the touchpad on the centre console, the media display changes and individual elements are highlighted.

In addition, there are functions that can be controlled by simple hand gestures: the reading lamp can be switched on and off by extending a hand towards the interior mirror, for example.

The new GLS Models: 

The new GLS comes to two variants for the SA market, the GLS 400 d 4MATIC which features an inline 6.

It will set you back R1 842 000 and GLS 580 4MATIC which will have the beefier V8 and quicker 0-100 times.

it will do it in 4,7 seconds as opposed to the former which clocks in at 6.3 seconds not to bad on either if you ask me. The V8 version will set you back a mouthwatering R2 025 000.

To learn more about the new Mercedes-Benz GLS, visit



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