The need for quarantine speed gets 44 people arrested

40 people charged in Atlanta for illegal racing, the streets are less crowded which makes it ideal for these gatherings.

According to WSBTV reported that 44 arrests were made in connection with illegal street racing.

There were 29 cars were impounded and four guns were also recovered including a semi-automatic rifle.

Atlanta police spokesperson Carlos Campos said ‘We know they’re bored, the streets are less crowded and so you have a kind of perfect storm for this nonsense,”

Channel 2 Action News has reported an increase in these kinds of events and it is becoming a growing concern for police.

“The danger this poses to motorists and pedestrians alike is extraordinary.

Spectators are the ones who are going to get hurt,” Campos said.

For the street racers part of the fun in going to these events is the adrenaline rush they get from evading the police.

As always in todays day and age you get the social media aspect of it.

“The thrill of putting these absurd videos on social media, and try to get as many likes or views as possible,” Campos said.

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