Who is Eddie Rasta?

Thrillseeker productions brings us an informative mini documentary about the legendary Cape Town spinner

Edward Campher – more commonly known as Eddie Rasta is from Connought Est, Elsies River in Cape Town.

Eddie started spinning at the Pavilion and on the streets in the late 80’s.

He started spinning a Mk2 Ford Cortina with a Ford V6 engine.

We once got the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with the legend.

Since then his car has changed a bit.

Nowadays you will see Eddie Rasta perform stunts in a Mk3 Ford Cortina.

Eddie Rasta has recently upgraded his engine to a newer Nissan VQ35 engine.

He lived in Johannesburg for several years and one of his best memories would be travelling to Joburg on the train.

“It was a great accomplishment to travel on the train, with my car to spin at an event.”

Kaylin Oliphant, a female spinner from Kimberley is currently his favourite spinner.

If there was one person he could share a pitch with, Eddie dreams big and would burn rubber with Vin Diesel.

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