Who is Feroz “Fezo” Cassim?

Thrillseeker productions brings us a mini documentary about the Polokwane based legend.

Many of you may only know Feroz “Fezomagic” Cassim as the So You Thin You Can Spin runner up,

but Fezo has been in the game for much longer than that,

Infact he started spinning in 2004.

He runs a workshop in Polokwane called Y & Sons which is a family business.

As the name Y & Sons says it all, Mr Yunus Cassim, Feroz’s father started the business.

because Yunus loves motorsports and he passed his love for cars onto Feroz who is a talented stunt spinner,

and Feroz has passed the batton on to his son,

Zameer “Lockdiff” Cassim who started spinning a coupe years ago,

We enjoyed watching Thrillseekers compilation of Feroz spinning throughout the years.

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