Ten most viewed spinning videos from Africa

We have compiled a list of spinning videos that have been viewed the most by you, the fans!

We had an interesting chat with Nduzo Ngwenya, a member of the Wheelz n Smoke commitee,

and a familiar face at spin events that he attends nationally.

He asked his Facebook friends to share the most viewed spinning videos,

and we thought it would be an interesting read, so here it goes.

1. Chizo Banda spinning in Zambia – filmed by Zed Gear

At 6.2 million views we have Chizo Banda spinning his 1UZ-FE powered BMW E30 at Mike’s in Zambia.

2. Magesh Ndaba spinning in Kwa Thema – Filmed by Siya Shezi

At 3.7 million views we have legend Magesh Ndaba spinning in his home town of Kwa Thema.

His M3 powered BMW E30 (RSD 700 GP) is well known as he has been spinning this car for 20 years.

3. BadCompany spinning at Wheelz n smoke – filmed by Spinning it’s a family thing

At 3.4 million views we have Bradleigh ‘Skopas’ McGregor spinning his V8 E30,

along with his stunt crew BadCompany.

4. Terminater Rules – Filmed by skwaya14

At 3.1 million views we have the late Sibusiso Aubrey Mthimunye more commonly known as “Terminater” spinning his BMW E30.

5. King of spin – Filmed by Michael Dande

At 2.5 million views we have the King of spin event that took place in Namibia.

6. Durban spinfest 2019 – Filmed by Thrillseeker

At 2.4 million views we have the 2019 Durban spinfest.

7. BadCompany & Team BGB spinning at Mahem Raceway – Filmed by Skidmarks

At 2.2 million views we have BadCompany spinning a V8 E30 along with Bareng Mpane form Team BGB..

8. Katra driving from the passenger side – Filmed by Skidmarks

At 1.3 million views we have Katra Mokgoshi from Limpopo spinning at Wheelz n Smoke.

9. King of spin Kwazulu Natal – Filmed by Thrillseeker

At 1.098 million views we the King of spin event hosted in Dundee, Kwazulu Natal.

10. Drifting, spinning and Donuts in SA – Filmed by Gershan Limberg

At 1.045 million views we have some spinning action from the Western Cape.

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