Which engine should you put into your spin car?

We give you our top 5 engine picks

Are you planning on building a spin car but you are not sure which engine to use?

Well don’t fear because we have compiled a list of our top 5 spin car engines, based on engines that some of our favourite spinners use.

Number 5 on our list is the Ford 3.0 litre V6 that Eddie Rasta uses.

This engine is known for creating alot of torque at low RPM, which is why you never hear Eddie Rasta limiting his engine.

Number 4 on our list is the BMW E36 S50 B3.2 that Magesh Ndaba uses.

This motor comes out of the M3 and is loved not only for it’s power output but also for the majestic sound it makes.

Number 3 on our list is the BMW M50/M52 B2.8 out of the 328i

These engines have become popular due to it’s availability from import engine stockists.

This motor is said to have sufficient power for spinning without having to modify any internals and is used by spinners such as Austin, Veejaro, La Gardi, Kaylin and many more.

Number 2 on our list is the Lexus V8

This engine has become popular for it’s reliability. Bradleigh “Skopas” McGregor from Bad Company has used the same engine in his E30 for 6 years without breaking it once. He just does regular services to make sure it operates at it’s optimum.

Number 1 on our list is the BMW M20

This is the motor that originally came out on the BMW E30 range.

It tops our list because nothing beats the original. This motor has stood the test of time and can also be built to 320, 323, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329 and 330.

Watch the video to see which one best suits your needs.

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