Who is Hemesh Kuber?

Thrillseeker productions brings us an informative mini documentary about the legendary Limpopo spinner

Hemesh Kuber is a spinner from Nirvana in Polokwane.

We first saw Hamoo Magic spinning at Vaaitjie’s place, Lido lodge.

Kuber started spinning after he went to an event and saw some guys stunting.

He told himself that he is also crazy and he can definitely do that.

Hamoo is known for his death defying stunts at a time when very few spinners could stunt.

His signature move is definitely his ability to stand and balance on the roof of his BMW E30 for long periods.

All of this while his car is moving.

The legend says that it wasn’t an easy stunt to learn.

Kuber remembers when he got hurt while spinning at Wesbank raceway in 2003.

He has learnt from his mistakes and cemented his name on the list of all time greats.

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