Wembley spinfest 2018 cancelled

Organizers cancel event blaming politics in spinning

The much anticipated Wembley spinfest 2018 has been cancelled by organizers.

This would have been the first time in years that an event with such a big line up got hosted so close to the Joburg city centre but unfortunately the organizers decided to cancel the event via a Facebook post dated 5 November 2018.

Some of the spinners, media and fans demanded a public explanation as to why the event had been cancelled so the organizers released this statement.

Even after they released a statement some parties were still sour at the fact that they had missed opportunities to attend other events on the same day saying they had reserved the 24 November 2018 for Wembley.

This brought about a conversation regarding spinners and organizers signing contracts to confirm bookings as to prevent double bookings from the spinners side, and so that event organizers can’t change terms & conditions of the original agreement.

Nevertheless we still got some exciting footage of all the spinners who attended the Wembley spinfest Sunday sessions.

One of our favourite spinners for the Sunday session was 18 year old Austin Kruger from Mafikeng.

We also featured Dylan “Vaaitjie Kunene” Brough from Jagsfontein.

And last but not least we got footage of Sunesh Pursad from team Suntech throwing crazy flips.

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