Vernon “Veejaro” Hendricks wins Inaugural Red Bull Shay i’Moto spinning competition

It was an all Southside crew final with Kaylin going against her team-mate Veejaro.

It was a night that the spinning fraternity will be talking about for years to come, Redbull in association with Puma brought us one of the biggest and most well organised spinning events we have ever attended and this all took place at the newly upgraded Wheelz n smoke arena in Alberton, South of Johannesburg.

Wheelz n smoke arena.

16 Spinners battled it out to make it to the top eight and thereafter the top 8 battled it out against eachother. The rules were simple, there were 4 Judges who had to choose between either the red spinner or the blue spinner.

Vernon “Veejaro” Hendricks spinning in the final.

The crowd was the fifth judge, they also got to vote using a Redbull card that you recieved upon entry to the event, these cards had a red side and a blue side and this was the system used to eliminate spinners round by round.

Veejaro and Kaylin’s road to the finals.

The image attached above shows who eliminated who and how Veejaro and Kaylin made it to the final.

Vernon “Veejaro” Hendricks salutes the crowd during a stunt.

In the end Nigel’s finest spinner, Vernon “Veejaro” Hendricks representing Southside crew was crowned the Redbull Shay i’Moto champion at the inaugural event. He faced Kaylin Oliphant from Kimberley in the final who is coincidently his team-mate on the Southside crew squad.

– Compiled by Skid Marks reporter

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