Spinners are coming up with innovative ways to add a WOW factor

Bradley Pillay is a spinner from Kimberley who claims that his bonnet flips because of the crazy flips momentum

We met Bradley Pillay from Kimberley at the Spring spin bash in Kuruman.

Pillay gave us an entertaining round in his multivalve powered BMW E30.

In this video you can see that Bradley’s bonnet flips open completely.

We have seen spinners  like Vaaitjie and Austin do this.

But this is the first time we see it done in this manner.

When asked how  his bonnet flips back up on its own Brada swears that the car’s power is responsible for flipping it.

This is one of the methods spinners use to thrill the crowd.

We are convinced it’s mechanically driven, but only the driver knows.


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