NEW BMW M5: How to gain an extra 74kw

RGMotorsport’s first upgraded M5 has been delivered, and it’s a monster.

Proof of this is plain to see in a set of impressive new numbers: on our
state-of-the-art all-wheel-drive dynamometer the ‘after’ figures are 515kW at the
flywheel compared to a standard car which is rated at 441kW. We’ve found 74kW, or
if you speak American, 100 horses.

Torque on the engine surges to 907 from 750Nm and there’s no compromise on
the delivery either: at just 1 500 rpm torque has already climbed from 355 to 420Nm.
At 6 000 rpm, there’s still 735 on tap, almost as much as the standard engine’s
maximum, achieved at 4 000 rpm.

An all-new RGM-Techniflow downpipe/exhaust system, and an imported JB4
management system (already highly regarded for its ability to work seamlessly with
highly-sophisticated electronic circuitry) are key to the gains.

The dual exhaust measures 76mm in diameter and follows the route of the original
system, though wherever possible the radius of the bends has been opened as much
as possible. A combination of mandrel bends (which leave interior diameter
unchanged) and pre-formed sections are used to achieve this. Literally dozens of
individual pieces of 304-grade stainless steel pipe have gone into the construction.
A number of sub-sections are bolted together to create the whole which of course
makes assembly a whole lot easier.

The tail end, which is a massive, pre-assembled unit with a pair of transverse
silencers, continues to utilise the original dual-tone exhaust volume control. This
bypass function creates a deep and rich sound which leaves no doubt as to the car’s
performance credentials!

RGM Newsletter via MotorPress

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