Be a responsible father, build a car with your kid

If you are a father and you have a passion for motorsport, share that passion with your children

With father’s day happening tomorrow we decided to turn our attention to a pressing issue within our South African communities. The men in our country don’t often make a meaningful contribution towards their children’s upbringing or spend much time their kids at all.

That’s where Bernard Stander fit’s in, he has used a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, also known as Daisy to create a unique bond with his namesake, Bernard Junior.

Bernard Junior is the 13 year old owner of Daisy and he loves art and long boarding, he was fortunate enough to be given this car by his father and ever since then they have used Daisy as a way to bond.
You will notice that Bernard Junior’s love for art shows by the numerous drawings he has drawn on the dashboard and roof lining of Daisy.

Whether they are just chilling in the garage, working on Daisy or at car shows and charity runs, Daisy has brought them closer and strengthened their relationship.

Our next father and son project is a Golf MK3 GTI built by Linton o Connor and his son Jodian – Dante. This has been their project for the last six years and the car has had three different looks over the past two years.

Jodian chose to go for yellow on the paint job of his car because he has a “fetish” with Ultramel custard.

They use events as a platform to showcase the work they have done together on their car and they also meet other car enthusiasts from across South Africa who share their passion.

If you are a father and you love cars, use it as an opportunity to share memories with your son, be a responsible father and show your children how to live a responsible life.

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